Maktab/Quran Class:

As you are aware, for a number of years, Masjid Al-Baqi has been striving to serve the Muslim Community of Bethpage and many other of the surrounding areas in the best manner possible. One of the greatest bounties given to us by Allah Ta'ala is the gift of children. Our children are our responsibility and have been entrusted to us by Allah Ta'ala. It is our duty to nurture and bring up our children in the correct manner so that they may live their lives as good Muslims and law-abiding citizens.

Understanding this responsibility, one of the main programs offered by Masjid Al-Baqi is the daily evening Maktab for children from the ages of 5-18 from 5pm-7pm Monday-Friday which is running under the supervision of a team of 7 teachers most of whom are qualified Ulamaa and Huffaz.


Recently, Masjid Al-Baqi took some steps in order to improve the daily Maktab program. The boys' program consists of two components:

1. The Qur'an class, in which students are taught how to recite the Glorious Qur'an with proper Tajweed by qualified teachers

2. The Deeniyyaat class, wherein students are seperated according to their ages and are taught a variety of Islamic subjects which include Fiqh, Aqeedah, Islamic History and Adaab & Akhlaaq.

In an effort to revamp the Maktab system,  one of the steps being taken is to provide the children with proper textbooks to make the learning process easier and so that the children together with the parents can have better access to the subject matter being taught.


Part Time Hifz Class:

Through the immense mercy and fadl of Allah (SWT), Masjid Al-Baqi has begun the Part time Hifz Course for accommodate the kids that go to school but also would like to memorize the Holy Quran. Class is taught by Qari Hafiz Nisar Ahmed Sahab. Hifz program is from 5pm-8pm Monday-Friday. For further information please contact (516) 647 2710.

Sunday School:

For Sunday school we accept, both boys and girls, ages 5 through 18 years old. The school accepts kids from kindergarten to 12th grade. All kids must be potty trained. Sunday school starts at 10:00 AM till 1:00 PM. Children should be picked promptly at the end of session.  

Adult Tajweed Class:

Learn the Tajweed rules and the proper pronunciation of Arabic letters. Arabic letters each have a Makhraj – an exit or articulation point – in the mouth or throat from which they originate and they also each have Sifaat – attributes, or characteristics – particular to them. Knowing the Makhraj and Sifaat of each letter is an important part of Tajweed.

Masjid Al-Baqi has adult Tajweed Class program with Qari Hafiz Nisar Ahmed on Sundays after Fajr. For details and registration, please contact (516) 647 2710. Classes are provided free of charge.

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Friday Community Events:

Every Friday, we have a Community Gathering after Maghrib/Isha with Mufti Farhan and we have Tafseer Sessions of the current Ayats of the Quran as well as programs and events on the relevant Islamic events.


Nikah Services:

Masjid Al-Baqi also offers Nikah services that are free of charge. Please call Masjids number at (516) 433 4141 to inquire further about the process and availability of the person who will perform the Nikah.



Adult Taraweeh by Qualified Huffaz

Youth Taraweeh in the next door building by our young Huffaz

Taraweeh Tafseer Summary 15 minutes before Isha

Daily Iftar Program

Quran Reflections mornings after Fajr

Itikaf for the last 10 Days


Personal Consultation:

For consultation for Youth, marriage, personal or anything in General, Mufti Farhan will be available to answer your questions. Consultation is by Appointment. Please call at (516) 433 4141 to discuss further.

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