According to the information received from our local Ulema and Central Hilal Committee (www.hilalcommittee.org), moon was sighted. 1st Ramadan was on May 6th. 

Some important information for the month of Ramadan : 
· Like every year, Masjid Al-Baqi will be starting the month of Ramadan upon the announcement from Central Hilal Committee (www.hilalcommittee.org) about moonsighting results. 
· There will be Quran Reflections by Mufti Mohammad Farhan 15 minutes before Isha every night of Taraweeh
· We will also have have separate Youth Taraweeh with our Young Huffaz in next building (300 Central Ave)
· We will have a short talk (Scattered Pearls) of 5 mintues by Mufti Adnaan Lunat weekdays after Fajr 
· There will be Quran Study Circle by Mufti Mohammad Farhan weekends after Fajr
· There will be Daily Iftar/Dinner after Maghrib. To sponsor an Iftar, please call (516) 433 4141 and press Option 3
· Quran Completion will be on the Night of 27th of Ramadan
· Maktab and Hifz Class will be open from 5 PM to 6:15 PM during Ramadan. Last day will be May 24th
· Sunday school will be open from 11 AM to 1 PM during Ramadan
· For information regarding Performing Aitekaf in the masjid, please call (516) 433 4141 and Press Option 7
· It is humbly requested to park your vehicles legally in the designated parking spots. If space is not available in the Masjid lot, please use legal parking lots to avoid causing inconvenience to the neighbors
· Please be mindful of the neighbors while entering and leaving the masjid, especially since the Taraweeh will end later at night.
· Please be a good community member and help us keep the masjid clean.
· To signup for Text alerts for Ramadan/Eid updates, please Text ALBAQI to 77948
· To signup for email alerts, please register here.
We hope you have a very blessed Ramadan!

Masjid Al-Baqi


Ramadan Resources:

Click here to view/listen to lectures & presentations and also download additional resources that will be beneficial during the month of Ramadan.


Our phone Directory for Ramadan at (516) 433 4141:
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Jumuah Times : Press Option 2
Sponsor an Iftar : Press Option 3
Donating to Masjid : Press Option 4
Maktab/ Hifz class and Sunday School schedule : Press Option 5
For women related matters : Press Option 6
To register for Aitekaf : Press Option 7
To leave a voicemail : Press Option 9
For anything else : Press Option 0



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