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Masjid Al-Baqi needs your support more than ever during this difficult time. Our donations have been reduced, but we continue to support our community. We continue to offer various programs online including Maktab, Sunday School and Talks by our Scholars after Fajr, before Maghrib and before Taraweeh. We continue to support our staff and need your support during this Blessed month of Ramadan.

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Donations can also be sent via Venmo to:
Venmo Id: MasjidAlBaqi

Zakat / Sadaqah Wajibah / Fidyah

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Fitra (Sadaqatul Fitr)
This year (2020) minimum Sadaqatul Fitr is $7 per person (wheat). 
A person can give higher amount to gain more reward
$15 (Barley)
$40 (Raisins) 
$42 (Dates)

Please note that Paypal charges Masjid Al-Baqi 2.2% + .30 USD (Paypal fees has been added to Amount to pay full Fitrana).

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