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Updates regarding Eid Salah and other important information

posted Jul 4, 2016, 8:25 AM by Al Baqi Admin

As-Salamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu Brothers & Sisters,

Alhumdulillah Allah(SWT) has blessed us with the opportunity to benefit from this month of Ramadan. We hope and pray that He continues to shower his infinite mercy & bounties for the remaining time of Ramadan and for the years to come, Aameen.

As we know, Masjid Al-Baqi follows the local moonsighting. Hence Eid will be either on TUESDAY (July 5th) OR WEDNESDAY (July 6th). Please visit the website or wait for an email/text to arrive Monday(June 5th) after Maghrib (9:00 PM onwards), Insha Allah.

This Year Alhumdullillah we have made arrangements to have 2 Eid Salahs to accomodate our growing community. Please come early for Salah as we have limited parking available. Please be extra cautious and park the cars legally 
Just like last couple of years, this year we will be having a Community Gathering that would include  lots of fun activities for kids.
For information to arrange, call Br. Mujahid at (516) 376 9180

This Ramadan
Alhumdulillah We had:

  • Summary Tafseer of Quran: by Mufti Mohammad Farhan
  • 2 Taraweehs: Youth Taraweeh led by our young Huffaz was held in the next door building. Khatme Quran for Youth Taraweeh was on 26th Night and the Main Taraweeh was on 27th Night
  • Daily Iftar program: hosted by our beloved community each day
  • Aitekaf
  • Youth Aitekaf: on 21st, 23rd, 25th, 27th and 29th of Ramadan filled with Spiritual Talks and arrangements for Suhur for our lovely youth

Last but not the least, please support the masjid to support its existing operations and services and build a future for our children. Process is in the works for formalizing the building expansion project. We will provide updates soon.

Support Masjid Al-Baqi
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