Information during the Month of Ramadan: 
  • Summary of Tafseer program 15 minutes before Isha every night of Taraweeh
  • Separate Youth Taraweeh with our young Huffaz in next building (300 Central Ave)
  • Daily Quran reflections every morning after Fajr with Verses chosen to ponder on
  • There will be Daily Iftar/dinner after Maghrib. To sponsor an Iftar, please call (516) 433 4141 and press Option 3
  • Quran completion will be on the night of 25th and 27th (youth) of Ramadan
  • Maktab/Hifz class will be open from 5 PM to 6:30 PM during Ramadan. Last day will be June 1st
  • Sunday school will be open in Ramadan till June 3rd
  • For performing Aitekaf in the masjid, please call (516) 433 4141 and Press Option 7
  • It is humbly requested to park your vehicles legally in the designated parking spots. Please DO NOT double park. We have received a court Summons. If space is not available in the Masjid lot, please use LIRR Parking lot during Taraweeh Salah
  • Please be mindful of the neighbors while entering and leaving the masjid, especially since the Taraweeh will end later at night.
  • Please be a good community member and help us keep the masjid clean.
  • To signup for Text alerts for Ramadan/Eid updates, please Text ALBAQI to 77948
  • To signup for email alerts, please register here.
We hope you have a very blessed Ramadan!

Masjid Al-Baqi

Our phone Directory for Ramadan at (516) 433 4141:

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